Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Coach & Meditation Tutor​

Andrea Bradley

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Coach & Meditation Tutor

Why my work is my passion?

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We conduct an environmental interview

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We recognize the exact type of problem

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  • Rebecca Green

    Andrea was excellent, very friendly and put me at ease straight away. I had interview anxiety and with a very important interview just weeks away she wasn't phased by the short time we had. Felt extremely relaxed during the sessions and it worked...I was offered the job! Thank you, Andrea

    Rebecca Green
  • Claire Illingworth

    Andrea has been providing sessions for my 9 year old son who struggles with anxiety, low self-esteem and is very fearful. Her sessions have been amazing for him: he loves his sessions and we have seen many improvements in his well-being. She has excellent skills at interacting with children and has a lovely warm and responsive approach.

    Claire Illingworth

    Andrea is a very approachable person who makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed in her presence. I suffer with terrible health anxiety and I feel I can talk to Andrea about my issues no matter how silly I may sound.

    Since having hypnotherapy I have found myself less anxious, less stressed and I find it easier to be rational.

    If you are debating hypnotherapy for whatever reason I 100% recommended it and especially with Andrea. It’s worth every penny!

    Thank you Andrea - looking forward to my next session.