Overcoming Teenage Anxiety with Hypnotherapy. Does your youngster need help?

We even have a special term for Teenage Anxiety ‘Teen Angst’ but do we have any actual treatment options for it? Yes, Teenage anxiety is perfectly […]

Hypnotherapy for children

Hypnotherapy for children? Or should I say Hypnotherapy with children, because this is very much done with, not to a child. Hypnotherapy engages our creative, powerful […]

Introducing the Three Ugly Sisters; Depression Anxiety and Panic. Let’s start by answering this question ‘is Hypnotherapy good for anxiety?’

Is hypnotherapy good for anxiety? No, it’s bad for anxiety, but good for you. I am a clinical Hypnotherapist and the majority of my clients come […]

Hypnotic help for your fear and phobia

In my experience Hypnotherapy works really well for fears and phobias. In fact its something I treat often. During the many years I have been in […]

Stress Less or Cope Better 

Let’s stress less, or cope better with the stress we can’t avoid. Hypnotherapy can help with that. Stress affects most of the systems in the body, […]

How To Manage Uncertainty in Uncertain Times

We are living in extremely uncertain times – and that uncertainty can be difficult to cope with. Stressful and confusing. Hypnotherapy is a useful tool to […]