3 ways to create a calm home vibe, to help your kids to thrive. Calm kids = happy home

3 straight forward ways to boost your child’s happiness by creating a peaceful atmosphere at home. I am a clinical hypnotherapist and qualified play worker. Id […]

Next Of The ‘Three Ugly Sisters’; Depression. Let’s look at depression and how Hypnotherapy might help.

Does Hypnotherapy Help with Depression? I Believe It Can. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I provide support to lots of people experiencing depression. Depression can be such […]

Can Hypnotherapy combate over thinking and insomnia?

Do you have an active mind, and a tendency to overthink? Does that impact on your sleep? Overthinking is a common problem that can affect people […]

Overcoming Teenage Anxiety with Hypnotherapy. Does your youngster need help?

We even have a special term for Teenage Anxiety ‘Teen Angst’ but do we have any actual treatment options for it? Yes, Teenage anxiety is perfectly […]

Hypnotherapy for children

Hypnotherapy for children? Or should I say Hypnotherapy with children, because this is very much done with, not to a child. Hypnotherapy engages our creative, powerful […]

Introducing the Three Ugly Sisters; Depression Anxiety and Panic. Let’s start by answering this question ‘is Hypnotherapy good for anxiety?’

Is hypnotherapy good for anxiety? No, it’s bad for anxiety, but good for you. I am a clinical Hypnotherapist and the majority of my clients come […]

IBS, is your gut being a bit of a deva? Can Irritable Bowel Syndrome be helped through Hypnosis?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is both complicated and very straightforward. Complicated because it’s very rarely just one thing, it’s more often a mixture of symptoms […]

Children who restrict what they eat, are they being naughty? Are they just picky eaters?

Children can be picky eaters for all sorts of reasons. I grew up in a family of finicky eaters, I was one! So I love helping […]

People sometimes ask “ what are the negative effects of Hypnotherapy? ”

What are the negative effects of Hypnotherapy? Firstly, just to be clear, if I thought Hypnotherapy routinely had lots of negative effects, obviously I wouldn’t use […]